Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cloth Diaper Giveaway

I have finally decided to go ahead with my cloth diapering adventure. I bought several Fuzzibunz a few months back when the local baby boutique was having a sale and I recently started to use them. So far, I love it! The diapers are really simple to change and wash. And they have come out of the wash really clean. I never thought I would cloth diaper, but now that I have started, it's not bad at all. Definitely better than it used to be years back.

This blog is having a giveaway for Lil Helper cloth diapers. The winner receive a $120 prize pack! I would love to try a bunch of different cloth diapers, and who knows, maybe even cloth wipes. If it will save me money, I'll try anything! These diapers seem like pretty decent diapers, and not to mention, they're super cute! Go check it out!

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