Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Color Spectrum

I've been at both ends. I can never decide which I like better.

I love being blonde, but my color was turning brassy from the bleach kit we used at the beginning of July. And my dark roots were starting to show and so it made the blonde look orange.

So I opted for a coloring job when I got my hair cut yesterday and sort of unintentionally went darker. I wasn't really planning on going as dark as they made me, but I wanted something closer to my natural color than the bleached blonde so that my hair could grow out without routine maintenance.

Do bangs make me look chubbier? 
Or is it the shorter hair? 
Or is it the color?

I'll probably end up going back and forth for the rest of my life. It seems inevitable. I just hope I can always pull it off. Why can't I just make up my mind?


{Just for fun, here's a recent belly picture.}

See my orange hair?

Half way there! 


Bethany Sines said...

i love your blonde/orange hair. : ) even when it's brassy it looks good. but you look great with brown hair, too. : ) i play the indecisive back and forth game throughout my life, too. ; ) i can't believe you're half way!!!

chicamargarita said...

It isn't the bangs, hair cut or hair color that makes you look chubbier! LOL!

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Very pretty, Abby!

Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

Love it. Your little baby bump is so cute!! :) I think you look great!!

David said...

You look like Mom with darker hair.

Nathan & Marlese Seaver said...

I am glad to see this, I debate this every time I am about to do my hair... My real problem is I like the blond a lot, but the up keep is what bothers me. Sometimes I even debate going totally natural, but I still have never made it to that extreme yet (I got close, then I got engaged and wanted my hair done for my wedding) also my hair is the one thing I feel like u can have total control over, I can't control exactly what my body looks like or how clear my skin is, etc... I always say I'm going to do something totally different and I yet it always ends up looking very similar.