Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pizza Pie

Oreo pizza from the Pizza Pie Cafe.

With the kids in tow {and some bunny marshmallows and animal crackers), we ventured out early last Saturday morning to head to the temple with some family members. {Thanks to Julia for watching the kids in the waiting room!) My man's niece is going to Germany to be an LDS missionary soon

Afterwards we headed to the Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch.

Best pizza ever. I dig their Oreo pizza. Yeah, you heard me.
OREO pizza.

My little man dug it too until he got bored of sitting in the high chair and just wanted the camera. {Sorry bud.}

The beautiful missionary-to-be. {Sorry, that's the best picture I got.}

Have you ever been to a restaurant where your kids don't want to eat anything on the menu?

And so you end up raiding the salad bar for mandarine oranges and craisins. 

And then they really just end up begging for the candy from the little round machines in the lobby?

{Lots of begging, here.}

Well, someone got her way. But mostly so she would sit down and let the adults thoroughly enjoy their scrumdiddlyumptious pizza {while it was still warm}.

And we did.

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