Sunday, September 25, 2011

Animal Doodles

Tonight after dinner Jane and I sat at the table and did these Animal Doodles. We took turns drawing.

I love these dry-erase cards. They are high up there on my list of favorites from Usborne.

These are my favorites of hers:
{Some of these horses have five or six legs.}

And this is my favorite doodle of mine:


Bethany Sines said...

I love these. I have a blog post about 10 essential toys for children and one of them was coloring and drawing and how coloring books stifle creativity. It suggested having things just like these; an "uncoloring" book where there's half a picture and they use their imagination to create the other half of the picture. That's awesome. I need to get me some of these. I thought Usborne just did books? hhmmm...

chicamargarita said...

I iove Usborne stuff!