Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playing with hair

I love doing Jane's hair lately. It's slowly getting thicker and now it's long enough for me to really experiment with.

She's usually pretty good to let me do it now, too. That took a while to establish. She doesn't usually fuss unless her daddy's home. Then, for some reason she wants him to hold her hand and if he can't, she cries.

I'm always trying to come up with new ways to do it. And I also like styles that she can sleep in and will only need minor tweaking the next day.

We do lots of messy buns. In this picture, she actually had two horizontal braids in back {one on top, one on bottom}, running in opposite directions. So she had another messy bun on the bottom-right side of her head. Whenever I braid, I usually finish it off with a messy bun.

I like to use tiny elastics to do twists and braids to keep her bangs back and out of her face. These will stay in for a few days.

I came up with this braid today. I was going to call it the "S" braid, but then I realized it was backwards. 

Yesterday, though, her hair was pretty tame after her bath Tuesday night, so I didn't do anything with it. Doesn't she look so grown up?


On an unrelated note, check out this link from The Idea Room yesterday on learning how to keep your children busy and quiet during church meetings. It's great!


chicamargarita said...

Very cute all the styles!

Bethany Sines Photography said...

my little girl is so grown up!!!!!!!!! i miss her so. that french braid one is seriously the coolest thing i've ever seen. i want that on my hair. ; ) i'm super impressed!

David said...