Thursday, July 7, 2011

The word is out.

It's been a long few months.

There's been lots of sleeping and complaining.
And lots of nausea.
And lots of eating.
And lots of nausea while eating.
And some crying.
And more complaining.

And cravings.
And movie-watching.
And less blogging.
And road trips to pass the time.

But we survived.

And now, the word is out.

It's official.

We are becoming a bonafide family of five.
On or around January 11th, 2012.
Baby number three is well on its way.

And it's true, we will have three children under 4.
And we couldn't be more thrilled!


cassanda said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!! I'm super bummed I didn't get to talk to you over the 4th. I hope you're feeling better, and once again, Congratulations!

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

Holy cow! Congrats!!!! How happy!

David said...


Lauren and Travis McDougal said...

Yay! Congrats!!! When I saw the title of your blog I figured this might be the news. HOpe you're feeling better!

The Dustins said...

:) Congrats! You are about a week or so ahead of me! Exciting!! :)

David said...

I got your text yesterday when we went down to Boulder for Friday Dinner. I was out of cell phone range since the morning of the 4th, so sorry I wasn't able to respond! But I told Jen the news last night and we are very happy for y'all!!

Jacobias said...

So excited for you!! Good luck sis!

paigeejeffnkids said...

Hey Abby! I've been following your blog, you are so cute and such a good mom. I am so excited about your news!! Congratulations :) We are also expecting our November, I could totally relate to your nausea and emotions:) Good Luck. Love, Paige