Sunday, July 31, 2011

I must be losing my mind.

On Friday night, I put the kids to bed.
I tidied up the house.
I put in a movie from Redbox to watch by myself since the hubby was at Scout Camp.
Then I went to grab my water bottle:
Yes, that was me that put the remote control in the fridge.
No, I don't remember putting it there but I do distinctly remember snatching it up off the floor after the kids were in bed.
Total pregnant brain.


Lauren and Travis McDougal said...

haha. I do stuff like that and I'm not pregnant. "Mommy brain."

Bethany Sines said...

Hahaha. i did that the other day with some food....I stashed it somewhere out of the fridge so when I came across it later it had gone bad. and i have no excuse cause i'm not pregnant! ahaha

EvansFam said...

I SO know the feeling!!