Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm coming back.

Jane enjoying free frozen yogurt on her birthday in her swimsuit.

This new pregnancy has wiped me out.
Seriously, it has been significantly harder than the other two.
I haven't necessarily been sicker, it's just taken its toll in other ways.

Thank heavens for trimester #2.
I'm 14 weeks and just starting to feel more like myself. 
The morning sickness is starting to ease up (I think...some nights I can't quite tell yet) and I can cook dinner and eat it lately.

I actually planned a menu and made a decent grocery list last weekend.
I think the winds are changing, hallelujah.

But the fatigue is still sticking around.
I still consider taking naps every afternoon.
And sometimes I lie on the floor and suggest that the kids pretend to be the doctor and check me and do my hair and things so that I can stay in one position for a solid while.

I know. Pathetic and lame.

But the moral of the story is, I fear I've almost lost my touch.
Over the last two months, all the motivation I've ever had to blog and be productive in any way has been zapped away.
No cooking, projects, blogging, anything.

{Well, technically I have blogged some, but only because I forced myself to, not because I felt like it.
But definitely no cooking or projects...or anything else.}

Where did it all go?

Oh yeah. 

It was replaced by my raging pregnancy hormones.
Oh, the hormones.
In all seriousness, I love being pregnant and having babies; but in all reality, the first trimester is a killer.
Who wouldn't argue that?

But slowly, I can feel it coming back.
The past week I've been wanting to do the things I normally love doing - like keep house, listen to some good music and cook new recipes.
I am so ready to be Crazy Blogger Woman and Productive Mommy again.

Tonight I'm planning on making some fried mozzarella sticks, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.
Love me some comfort food.

Speaking of her, have you read her new book, From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels?
I breezed through it a few weeks ago and found it highly entertaining.

{Ok and honestly, it kept my mind off morning sickness for a few hours at a time.}

But I am a sucker for a good romance story now and again.


Still to come this week - celebrating Jane's 3rd birthday!


Bethany Sines said...

my little jane is THREE!!?? oh, tear!! and oh my gosh your "playing doctor" while lying in the middle of the floor CRACKS me up. that is SO something i would do. bahahahaha

i'm sorry you feel obligated to blog. I'll still follow it even if you take a 7 month hiatus. That's what I've done with photography blog. meh. who cares.

Lauren and Travis McDougal said...

I'm sorry the first trimester made you feel so icky! I definitely don't miss those days! I hope the second trimester is treating you much better!!