Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Post-Holiday Dinner

The hubby and I met up with a few of my old college roommates last night and got us some sourdough pizza.

It was our yearly summer reunion. The friend on my right lives super far away.

My kids were all over the place {what else is new?} and hardly ate a thing.

But I enjoyed catching up with my friends a little before Dick dumped his water cup completely down the front of himself and Jane was laying on the floor clutching the hubby's ankle. 

Welcome to life with kids. I'm sure when we get together it makes them a little apprehensive to have their own kids. Ha ha.

Man I love my family.

Thanks, friends. It was a good night.

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Lauren and Travis McDougal said...

Jealous! Someday I'll make my way out there again! Hope you guys had fun!!