Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the blessed day of our country's freedom yesterday.
We sure did.
We all had a blast at grandma and grandpa's house and ate lots of food.
The cousins ran wild and the grown-ups chatted.
We were constantly looking for my kids.
{Sorry Mom and Dad.}
We sold pretzels in the park and crashed afterwards.
And the hubby even got 2 days off work.

It was a glorious weekend.


Bethany Sines said...

where'd you get those awesome walking shorts?

AJ said...

You mean the denim shorts I am wearing? I got them at Old Navy at the beginning of June. Love them. They are stretchy and really comfortable.

Bethany Sines said...

excellent. yeah they're called walking shorts apparently. the only reason I know that is from watching What Not To Wear. haha : ) are they maternity pants? no, they wouldn't be would they cause you're tiny and not showing at all.